Ivan Svetlyi

«Shooting is a mystery, where it is born
the second, the desired reality.
Transformed life in its augmented
or idealized form.
And what will this reality — depends
from the inner state of its creators»
Ivan Svetlyi

Professional skills: episode Actor, financier, psychologist
Education Higher: economist, theologian, psychologist.

Additional education: the training of actors of film «AMEDIA»; the preparatory course at the Conservatory, vocal class;


Place of residence, citizenship Moscow, Russia
Gender: Male
Gaia birth: 06.02.1981
Game age: 30-40
Height (cm) 179
Weight (kg) 82
Bust (cm) 107
Waist (cm) 94
Hips (see) 102
Slim Build
Hair length Short
Hair color: light brown
Slavic Ethnic Group, European, American
Eye color: Green

Additional skill:
Professional car driving (category B,C, D), guitar, vocals, Boxing, swimming (crawl, breaststroke), skiing, roller skating, running, hockey, pistol, submachine gun, archery, knife throwing, horse riding, diving (open water certificate), writing poems, songs, music.


  1. 2017 TV series «Ambulance» — doctor Gavrilov
  2. 2017 TV program «Golfe TV Africa» — Expert from Russia on economic issues on TV program
  3. 2017 TV show «Evidence from the past. Life after death» TV channel Zvezda-Resuscitator
  4. 2017 FIFA promotional video for Germany (Hollywood Director) — football player
  5. 2018 the film » Proxima «(directed by Alice Vinokur) — Engineer of space forces
  6. 2018 TV series Nemizida — colonel Alex
  7. 2018 TV series «Between us girls» season 2-Contractor
  8. 2018 TV program» The most useful program» RenTV-the main character Ivan Svetlyi
  9. 2018 the film «at dawn» — police Captain
  10. 2018 the film «the Specialist» (Technician) Is a Senior Lieutenant
  11. 2018 TV series «kindred soul» — the bailiff
  12. 2018 TV series «Idol «(hero on call) — operational officer Ivan Zhukov
  13. 2018 TV series «Balabol 3» 16 series-Fedorov operational officer
  14. 2018 TV series » World.Friendship. Cud.»the TNT pilot, a policeman
  15. 2018 Leomax, advertising dishes-TV presenter
  16. 2018 TV series «Street» TNT channel, season 1, 142 series-American Bobby
  17. 2018 TV channel La minor — advertising screen saver
  18. 2018 the talk show of channel TNT «against Borodina Buzova» — millionaire
  19. 2018 the film «Eduard Surovy» — hockey player
  20. 2018 TV show «Top secret» TV channel Star-Richard «Bobby» Kennedy
  21. 2018 TV series «Two banks» — judge in 1945
  22. 2018 TV series «Real boys» 7- court bailiff
  23. 2019 teaser for «Agent Blonde» — CIA agent
  24. 2019 TV series «Mantis Jump» — NKVD officer

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